Chimène  – Owner 

With a heavy background in a combination of sales , marketing knowledge , customer service , retail and a demonstrated history in the furniture industry, Chimène brings her passion for entrepreneurship and business acumen with a flair of digital marketing to help Brave Discovery connect with clients across diverse platforms. She is an advocate of home decor , lifestyle , health and beauty , recipes and personal development.

10 Fun facts about me

  1. I am the definition of a Capricorn: the good, the bad and the ugly
  2. I am a shoehalic. I mean I just can’t resist a statement shoe after all it always fits
  3. I love life and I am grateful about it …
  4. I successfully completed a 30-days vegan diet challenge, what an accomplished!
  5. I love education and learning, it is everything for me
  6. I drink the same coffee all the time from Costa “ Large Caramel Latte”
  7. I am a very passionate person with zero tolerance for lies.
  8. Being late is not an option for me and it is definitely a deal breaker
  9. I must confess thanks to the natural hair Youtubers I am officially a hair product junkie.
  10. I see everything as an investment!!!

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