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8 Best ways of using Baking Soda on a daily basis

Baking soda aka bicarbonate of soda also known as sodium bicarbonate is classified as the quickest antacids. Moreover , from a raising agent in baking to a healing property , baking soda has multiple façade in a household.

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Giovanni Haircare Haul

Giovanni Haircare is an eco-friendly and natural hair product industry pioneer, with a substantial range of quality performance products made from exceptional natural components. Like most hair products nowadays, Giovanni first ingredients is Water (aqua) ,and all their products range are 100% vegetarians and the shampoo cited below is also Sulfate free.




10 Ways to Use Witch Hazel for your Skin and Hair…

The active component in traditional Witch Hazel Liquid is tannin , a chemical mixture with astringent properties just like skin toners it tightens skin pores.  Tannin also minimises blood vessels and can diminish bleeding from shaving nicks and other minor wounds.

Believe it or not , Witch Hazel once was consumed internally to combat diarrhoea. However, the distilled preparation sold as Witch Hazel or Hamamelis water nowadays is different cure overall. Did you know you can also use It for : Body Odour , Haemorrhoids , Hives , Shaving rash , Oily Skin , Bruises, and Itching ?

  1. Shaving rash or cuts ~ Dab on a little liquid to disinfect the cuts and possibly slow down bleeding. Avoid using it for deep cuts and you can  ust wipe the liquid on your face it will leave your skin feeling softer and soothed when utilised as an aftershave.
  2. Get a fresher skin ~ Just drench a gauze pad or even a cotton wool ball in Witch Hazel Liquid and dab it onto your face to remove surface oils , tighten pores and tone your skin. Witch Hazel has been an essential ingredient in most skincare products like Boscia Black Mask  , Herbivore botanicals Face mist , 1st Aid Beauty Rescue pad .
  3. Insects Bites ~ as a mild astringent , Witch Hazel is helpful for skin inflammation , insect bites and sunburn . Keep the Witch Hazel ideally in the fridge during summertime as it will soothe your sunburned skin.
  4. Skin spray ~ Mix Witch hazel with rosewater and geranium as a soothing spray or lotion for skin conditions.
  5. Bruises Balm ~ Apply tincture to bruises and sprains .
  6. Haemorrhoid Aid ~ Let’s the Witch Hazel infusion onto a gauze pad or cotton ball and apply it to the tender surface.  The tannin in the Witch hazel will reduce blood vessels and the liquid on its own gives a soothing , cooling sensation as it evaporates.
  7. Itchy Rashes ~ Mix Witch Hazel and Camomile  infusions in the fridge to spray on itchy rashes , eczema , dermatitis , chickenpox or even measles.
  8. Mouthwash ~ Take a very weak infusion of the liquid as a mouthwash. Its extract prevent oral bacteria and may be helpful for treating periodontal disease. Do swish the liquid around and spit it out.DO NOT SWALLOW!
  9. After sun balm ~ the Witch anti- inflammatory properties make itch Hazel an amazing after-sun soother. The hamamelitannin is mostly protective against UV irradiation and utilised in after-sun lotions.
  10.  Dandruffree ~ Remember , your scalp is the skin that covers your hair. The benefits it provides for the skin is the same that it will do for your scalp by removing the flakes and refreshing it. It will also leaves your hair grease free. Apply the liquid to your scalp massage and let it sit for about 15 minutes before continuing your hair regimen.

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