Cheat like it is your last day on earth…

Question of the day : TO CHEAT or NOT TO CHEAT?

Does this sound like you? You have been doing good so far then all of a sudden , your body started asking for something sweet or a special cheat meal…

Guess what? Go for it , Cheat day has proven to be the key to a successful diet.

Yes! This is why today Brave Discovery has decided to boost your cheat meal confidence by spoiling you silly with it secret cheat meal recipe 😏.

Thank us later…

Prep : 20mins | Serves : 4


100g Chocolate Caramel Bar | 4 Tbsp Double Cream | 4 Chocolate Muffins | 8 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream


Break the chocolate bar into pieces in a clean bowl. Spoon in the delicious cream and heat gently , stirring over a low heat to melt it.

Make a small hole in the middle of each chocolate muffin

Dash some scoops of the delicious ice cream onto each muffin , then let’s drizzle the chocolate sauce over the top to make it look finish 😋.

Et Voilà,

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