How to start a low calorie Easter Weekend

Prep : 15 mins | Cal : 220Kcal per sundae | Serving : 5 | Suitable for vegetarians
80g Broken Amaretti biscuits | 150g Sliced Strawberries🍓 | 150g Raspberries | 150g Blueberries | 350g Low fat Custard | 250ml 50% Less fat Crème fraîche

Place the biscuits at the bottom of the sundae glasses of your choice. Let’s reserve some berries and biscuits for decoration then divide the strawberries between the glasses. Add 1/4 of blueberries in each then top it up with raspberries , don’t forget to equally divide. Now sprinkle the remaining biscuits over the raspeberries. In a separate bowl mix together the custard and the crème fraîche. Then pour it over the fruit and biscuits. Let it chill in the fridge to your satisfaction then decorate with the reserved berries and biscotti before serving.

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