According to the NHS , defines Eczema as range of skin conditions that cause dry, irritated skin.Researches have proven that there are diverse kind of eczema.  However atopic eczema is the most common eczema and is considered to be hereditary , in other words it generally happens in people with family history of allergies. As a result, if one of your parents or even both have Eczema , the children are more likely to suffer from it too.It affects both gender female and male equally.

Atopic Eczema symptoms

In fact, the common symptom is itchy skin which effectually lead to scratching it in order to relief the itch. This in return tens to enhance the change seen on the skin. Most of the times it starts in the early age then reappears from time to time during childhood and adulthood. It has been said that Atopic Eczema cannot be cured but controlled.

4 Effective ways to relieve eczema rash

  1. In order to soothe itchy skin , soak a flannel in ice cold milk then lay it gently over the itchy patches. This can be repetitively done during the day.
  2. In the bath , add some colloidal oatmeal like Aproderm  and Aveeno.  These ground oatmeal floats in suspension in the water with the aim to soothe the itchy skin.
  3. It is very essential to shower or bath no longer than 10 minutes. Ideally use a lukewarm water and avoid bathing everyday. Excessive bath can dry skin which can worsen the eczema as it washes away the natural protective oils that keeps the skin moist.
  4. Using a heavy moisturiser cream after a bath aids the skin against irritants such as Burt’s Bees, LaRoche Posay , Aveeno , Diprobase , Sudocream. It is preferable to avoid any  water based lotions like baby lotions as it contains a high water content and also a scented lotion.

Vitamins and Supplements for Eczema control

Consuming foods rich in omega 3 can assist in decreasing inflammation and allergic reactions. These can easily be find in walnuts, avocados , salmon and tuna to name a few. In addition , flaxseed oil is another source of omega 3. It is better to take 1 Tbsp of flaxseed oil on a daily basis in a salad , yogurt or a smoothie. Evening primrose oil is well known to ease off the itch as it provides gamma -lionlenic

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acid ( GLA) ,an important fatty acid that most people who suffer from Eczema lack. A pill of 1000mg of evening primrose oil , three times per day with a meal for at least 6 months can definitely make a difference. Vitamin E neutralises itchy skin. Nevertheless, it is also recommended to get sufficieent Vitamin A. The ideal dosage for male is 700mcg while 600mcg for female. Please do NOT over dose as high intake of vitamin A can be very toxic. In fact, the natural way to get vitamin A especially for children is through a regular consumption of livers, fish liver oils, carrots, yellow fruits , green leaves veggies , egg yolks and dairy products as well as margarines.

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