Healthy Lime and Kiwi Sorbet Recipe

Preparation time 30mins | Cooking time : 20 minutes plus 3 hours for freezing time | Calories per portion : 165 Kcal | Fat per portion: 1g | Saturated fat : 0.2g | Serves : 4| Suitable for vegetarians and freezing


100ml Lime cordial | 6 Kiwi | 75mg Caster Sugar | 150g Low fat natural Yogurt


Step 1:

Start by mixing the lime cordial with 200ml of water and sugar in a heavy saucepan. Then bring to the boil , after that simmer for about 3 minutes to let the sugar dissolve. Now bring back to the boil and continue to boil for approximately 5 minutes .  You can now transfer to a bowl and leave it to cool for a while.

Step 2:

Halve the kiwi fruit and scoop out the fresh with a teaspoon into a food processor /mixer . Purée the fruits then add the lime syrup and the low fat yogurt and whiz again.

Step 3:

Pour into a plastic container of your choice and freeze for a minimum of 3 hours until slushy. Then put back into the mixer and whiz for one more time . Spoon back into the freezer container and leave it to freeze.  On the other hand , put the mixture in an ice cream maker and follow the ice cream manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4:

Place spoonfuls of sorbet in individual glasses and serve…

Voilà , your lime and Kiwi sorbet , Enjoy and don’t forget to share !!!


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