Did you just say let’s prank them? If you ever grew up in an african home by now your life experience has thought you well that pranks also none as bad jokes will never be welcome at home. Below are 7 pranks that can go wrong with african parents. In other words you should never begin to try unless you want your parents to ship you to heaven without reaching the sky really quick.

The silly prank : I want to run away! 

Kindle book prank
Kindle book

So you want to prank them that you want to RUN AWAY? Guess what the answer will be ” Oh great , that’s minus one mouth to feed in this household! Please leave my key on the table and don’t ever bother to come back in this house ever again. While you are at it , leave only with what you know you ever bought in this house! No no no , they won’t be a why? to your say.

Another prank :you want to drop out from School or University.

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First of all, they will disown before your eyes. By the way you better make sure you already joined the nearest homeless association if there is any because you are about to be homeless for good . Oh yes, and you best to believe at this time no uncles or aunties of yours want any type of association with you . So don’t even think about going to any of them as they are firmly in support with your parents on this one.

Alexa Echo dot 2

Let’s not talk about the “I  have a girlfriend or a boyfriend type of prank”.

This is a call for a serious meeting with your entire family including those uncles and aunties you never knew existed. You might as well carry the bible because even the pastor or priest will be there to add any verse existing in the bible in relation to that topic called «  Fornication »! Since that prank is forbidden before god.

Or even the famous prank ever : I am pregnant or I Impregnate your girlfriend at a young age or while you are still studying.

In your parents ears , this prank is technically the definition of the END of you and your destiny ! Chances are you are already amongst the dead and in case you didn’t know you are about to have a critical meeting with your ancestors because you are about to join them sooner than you EVER thought as no visa is required for that. In fact, the topic  will change to why are you still alive?

Did hear you try this prank : I have been held at a police station for stealing.

My friend  this is the one prank that tends to surprise the police most times as your parents will gladly inform the police that they can keep you and do whatever they like to you over there as they didn’t give birth to no thief and definitely didn’t raise one too. My dear you are basically on your own on this one! Chances are if they come to get you out they will end up in jail for murder themselves. So yeah stay there…

Oh what about the I want to kill yourself prank.

Now let me share a true story here. Once upon a time, my older sister once wanted to go to a friend’s party. So she asked my mum if she could go and mum straight said « NO! ». Out of anger , my sister tried to prank and said she will kill herself.

Steve Harvey Book
Steve Harvey

Guess what, the woman took a piece of paper and a pen. Handed it over to her and said write down exactly what you just said to me in here , sign and date it too. Then she savagely opened every single window that existed in the house. She said to my sister you can now JUMP from whatever window you like after you finish putting that in writing. Mind you , we live on the 2nd floor. The level of savage and pettiness in my mum left my sister speechless. The girl happily closed all the windows and remained quiet in her room like nothing happened.

Let’s not even pretend with  the fight back prank when your parent is about to hit you.
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Canon 800d

My friend by now you should be having a conference with your village people and all the uncles and aunties are on your neck with evil threats. Matter of fact , you are homeless and disowned at the same time. Long story short gets you another family.

If you have ever attempt to prank your parents and how did it go?… let’s put this way , if you are still alive to share the story it is a good sign so comment below…


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